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Feb 28, 2013 7:00am PST
for his life as pontiff emeritus, a life, john thavis, that will be devoted to studying prayer and meditation. >> i think the church is happy to take him at his word at that. there is no job description for a retired pope. and it's going to be pope benedict emeritus who writes that job description. i think everyone in the church knows that here is a man of great discretion, a man who would never interfere with the work of his successor. >> i want to interrupt you there because i was speaking with cardinal dolan of new york yesterday -- this morning, and he said that he hopes the pope continues to write. is that realistic for a retired pope to have published writings? >> well, it could pose a question because obviously if he publishes, he may be saying some very interesting things. it's hard to imagine pope benedict not writing. it's hard to imagine him not thinking, not studying. >> cardinal wuerl, i see you wincing at published writing. >> i think he can write but i wonder when those become public is going to be the real issue, timing, yes. >> we have seen the final suite from the
Feb 17, 2013 5:30pm PST
. john thavis, who covered the vatican for 30 years, says benedict is not a meddler. >> he probably will ensure that whatever he does, he would never upstage the next pope. >> reporter: while appreciated today as a holy man, critics say benedict's executive skills fell woefully short. >> there's a need for someone who has managerial skills, in terms of running the ship of state. neither john paul ii nor benedict were managers by nature. >> reporter: benedict's failures made public in documents leaked by his butler last year, laying out the betrayals and infighting in the vatican bureaucracy known as the curia, obscuring the pope's message and hurting his efforts to revitalize the church. how much of that can be blamed on the curia? >> i think most of it, frankly. >> reporter: george weigle, nbc's vatican analyst, says that leaves the next pope with a crucial task. >> he has to find someone who can clean house and who can make the curia an instrument of what we call the new evangelization, not an impediment to it. >> reporter: still up in the air, the date when the cardinals will act
Feb 25, 2013 6:30pm EST
ordered the investigation after his butler was found to have stolen papers off his desk. john thavis is author of "the vatican diaries: an inside look at the church." >> it all forms part of the burden, i think, that was placed on pope benedict so i think it went into his decision to resign. >> reporter: and now goes into the decisions of choosing a successor. >>s has been lutely. i think the cardinals are going to want someone who is strong enough so that he won't be victimized by all the malfeasance that are going on around him inside the the vatican walls. >> reporter: benedict ordered that the report be kept secret and shown only to his successor. cardinal bishop robert morlino of madison, wisconsin, says the church needs an effective manager. >> we need someone with very strong gifts for spirituality and holiness and very strong gifts for governance and administration right now. i don't think there would be any disagreement among catholics about that at the moment. >> reporter: finding someone who fits all these criteria as well as being able to get the church's message out to an i
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)